General information

Our servicesMediabo Consulting (MEDIABO) was founded in 1999 to assist the daily work and the foreign trade relations of companies and individuals with lingual services. ˇ Since its foundation, the firm has significantly enlarged its business scope.

Along with translation and interpreting we also provide self developed Online Language Courses for our partners and customers.

Beside the major languages, like English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, we also deal with uncommon languages. In addition to the languages of the neighbouring countries we can provide quality services in the following languages: Japanese, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Greek, Norwegian etc. We are in connection with hundreads of Hungarian and foreign translators so we can ensure that in each language combination one of the languages is the native language of the translator, the other one is his/her major working language. In most combinations we can also guarantee that the target language is the mother language of the translator which makes the translation even more authentic.

The effects of the Internet has accelerated education and work alike. For this reason, MEDIABO considers the Internet and related services as the most important information carrier. For more information see menu contact us.

The possibility of lifelong learning through on-line language teaching offers study opportunities to much more people regardless of their age, profession or location than through traditional channels. Learning language at home with MEDIABO is easier and more comfortable than sitting at a desk of a language school.

Our services

Nowadays, no company can survive without providing services of high quality. Not only did Mediabo Ltd. survive during the 7 years since its foundation in a highly demanding environment, but also performed significant technical and professional development. Due to our progress, now we boast several prestigious clients as well as excellent results in all fields.
  • Translation - The oldest activity of MEDIABO is translation. We have provided services for famous companies such as WIZZ Air Group, Digitania Joint-stock Company and UPC Hungary etc.
  • Interpreting - We have been dealing with interpreting since 2001. We have provided services for companies such as the International Committe of the Red Cross, Budapest City Archives, Museum of Fine Arts, Hungarian Inheritance-protecting Office.
  • Online Language Teaching - Within the framework of the unique method several thousand students attained our most popular English and German language courses in the years past.

Mediabo E-ducational Program

Since May 2004 Hungary has been the member of EU, some people think it is a big advantage some people think it is not, some other think it is a big chance for them to be successful and want to take advantage of the opportunities given by the EU. These people has knowledge of languages, they can succeed anywhere around the world. Nowadays you can use your language skills not only abroad, but inside the country as well. The aim of Mediabo is to give the possibility for students to learn or improve a language within very little time with the help of Mediabo Online Education Program.

Since its launch on January 7, 2002, the MEP has involved more and more students. This is an e-mail based study programme where students receive their course materials via e-mail, at a pace of their choice. If you fill in the application form(s) for the selected course(s) and send it to us, you will receive the first lesson on the first Monday of the following month. Students may ask any lesson related questions via e-mail and will be provided answers within 12 hours.

Course fees can be paid monthly, or every 6 or 12 months. For the latter two options discounts are offered.

Payments are completed by cheque or bank transfer based on our invoices issued.

For further information click on the menu Language School. You can also see information about the training courses of the leader Online Education Centre of Central Europe.